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A website is also popular with the name or written as Web site, web site or simply site. It contains a set of related pages which is served by a single web domain. These pages or web sited are hosted on web server which is accessed by Internet or private Local Area Network. The web pages contains the text, graphics, images, hyperlinks etc. Insitute of Agri Business Management is also referred to here as , "IABM","Institute", "we," "us," or "our"
Terms and Conditions which are applicable
This Website is owned by Insittue of Agri Business Management and any usage made of the website viz: Registration, Transaction etc., are subject to these terms and conditions. Institute of Agri Business Management reserves the right to make any change and / or addition to the terms and conditions in this website at any time. All users of website must read the terms and conditions in conjunction with Academic Regulations, Regulations Concerning Students & General Regulations.

Data privacy and protection

Information may be use for various purposes. For details please visit Privacy Policy page.

Collection of Information by Website

We will not collect any personal information from any visitor. The visitor is free to visit our site.
IABM gathers the information of the students for academic purposes like schedule card, online registration, payment of fees, result generation, etc.
If our pages do not function correctly or appear broken, you may have JavaScript turned off, or you may be using a web browser that is not compatible with the security or development standards of this site. The IABM website and web applications use JavaScript and require that you allow JavaScript in your web browser in order for them to function correctly.

Log Files

The traffic information are collect for statistical analysis and for the improvement of site. It includes the IP address, Browser type, number of clicks date, date/time stamp, type of platform used, ISP etc. The log files are collected by the we or service provider may collect the log files on the server. The log files used to tract the movement of user, site and for demographic information. We are not going to link the personal information any of log files and we don't have intension to identify the user individually. It is just sake for analyze trends and administrate the site. With the help of log files we can also incorporate the useful information in the site.


Security is the key factor and IABM believe the importance of personal information. Our website is designed to protect the loss, misuse, stole or alteration of any information. All the information are kept in secured database and the information may be used by any authorized personal.
IABM employs security measures and industry-standard encryption for all online transactions. All users are strongly advised to use Web browsers with 128-bit or better encryption features.
All the information of the web and application are kept under strong room with lock and key. We deploy firewalls and take care against intruders and intrusion detection and other vulnerabilities.

Copyright and Trademarks

IABM owns the copyright of the contents in website. Any information you visit/see will be able to download and take out the printout without any alteration. The contents of the website are never used for any other website but can be stored or published.

Copyrighted or Trademarked materials

Illegal acts of any sort including porn text, images or likeness suggesting sexual will not be permissible. The user may associate with the account given by IABM including services, courses, fees etc. IABM will not allow any user to display pornography, adult novelties, adult toys, XXX material, anything illegal, bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity, casteism or any material which may be insulting any person(s) or company, or depticts the exploitation of minors

Security Violations

Unauthorized access, measures of authentication data or traffic, mail bombing, flooding, broadcast attacks and all other violation activities are considered as criminal activities.

Online Transactions

IABM reserves the rights for any changes in the fees without prior notice. College also reserve rights to accept or cancel any registration to any student as per university rules and also consider only the registration of enrolled students at IABM.


The Cancellation and refund are done in the light of SKRAU, Bikaner orders supplied time to time or with the permission of higher authorities as per rules